Got Questions?

Here are a few answers that have helped other members of our tribe.

Yes, TrainTrick is 100% free to use. There are no monthly charges, no hidden costs and the entirety of all refunds are paid out straight to you.
We founded TrainTrick to empower passengers and hold train companies to account. Read on if you want to help us get the railways back on track...

TrainTrick is supported by the generous donations of our users. Your donations pay for the servers that power TrainTrick and allow us to keep improving our apps. You can donate here. If you would prefer to support us and our mission in other ways:

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The train operating companies require proof of your tickets in order for us to make the claim. We suggest using the time on the train to take pictures of your tickets should you need them later on.

That would be amazing! It's not something we do right now though...

Nothing frustrates us more than sending off a delay-repay claim and not hearing back for weeks. We've decided to make TrainTrick as transparent as possible, so that you can get live updates on the progress of your claims.

Just head to your claims dashboard, click the claim status button and a little checklist will appear showing you where your claim is in the process. You can also see a record of all communication between TrainTrick and the train operating company

You can do it all by yourself - it's just time consuming. Oh and the process varies by train operator. It's also tricky to keep track of claims. And chase the train companies when they "forget" to process your claim. TrainTrick takes all that fuss away, and it's free :)

We are limited only by the speed of processing by the train companies. If they processed the claim instantly, so could we. Unfortunately they tend to take up to 6 weeks to get the claims processed. We are in talks to significantly speed this up for our customers though!

We try our best to capture all delayed journeys, but every now and then we miss one. Don't worry, just pick the closest match and submit your claim. You can then provide additional details directly to the train operator using the TrainTrick dashboard.

Probably not. Most train companies limit claims for delays to the last 28 days. Feel free to upload the claim to TrainTrick though - our super smart computer will give you an idea of whether your claim will be valid.

Nope - the train companies are pretty adamant that claims by third parties are forbidden, bad and all together naughty. We're not sure why... but there it is.

For non-GPS claims we pour over data from Network Rail to try find your delay. Network Rail data isn't perfect and sometimes we can't find your delay... In that case, please feel free to submit it to the train company directly. We're working on a better solution for this at the moment.

Yes, these work just like any other tickets. You only need to provide the details of your season tickets when you first claim. TrainTrick will remember them for you for subsequent claims.

This is something we've just started to explore, and it's a little tricky for us. TFL will only accept claims with via their portal after you've created an account and logged in. For other train companies (e.g. the Southern Rail Key) you can just take a photo of the Key serial number and set it as a season ticket in the TrainTrick app.

They are usually pretty accurate. We're estimating the compensation from the details published by each individual train company.

Beyond complaining directly to the train company you can escalate your claim to TransportFocus (or London Travelwatch for journeys in London) which may be able to advise you further.

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